Can Pregnant Women Exercise Using a Recumbent Bike?


In general, recumbent cycling is a safe and beneficial way to improve cardiovascular performance during pregnancy. The risk of recumbent cycling is relatively low so that your joints are protected. Of course, recumbent cycling is safer than road cycling because there are no unexpected bumps in the road and hazards such as cars or slipping. Other than that, you can click for more info so you know more about recumbent bikes.

What to Know?

Doctors don't recommend starting a new exercise program when you're pregnant. If you weren't used to cycling before you got pregnant, now isn't the time to start a cycling routine.

When you are carrying a developing fetus, it is important to be aware of the limits of your body's changes. Some recumbent cycling programs can be very intense and unsafe if you can't adjust.

The problem that is feared to occur is the blood supply to the legs when pedaling. Not infrequently an increase in blood supply to the legs occurs because it is 'stolen' from the mother's womb. So, you should limit the duration of pedaling a recumbent bicycle to only about 15-20 minutes.

How to Measure a Safe Recumbent Cycling Intensity?

In addition to limiting the duration of exercise to only about 15-20 minutes, you can apply this simple method to measure the safe level of intensity of recumbent cycling. This method is known as 'carry the conversation'. If you can't have a conversation while pedaling a recumbent bicycle, chances are the intensity of the exercise you are doing is too intense.

During exercise in the first and second trimesters, keep your heart rate at 130. While in the third trimester, keep your heart rate below 120.

Advantages of recumbent cycling for pregnant women

Thinking of varying your exercise activities at home? The following are the advantages of recumbent cycling for pregnant women:

- Recumbent cycling is a low-impact aerobic exercise.
- Minimize the risk of driving hazards.
- Can adjust the level of intensity yourself, depending on the trimester and health conditions.
- Can be modified to accommodate body changes.
- Can determine the duration of the exercise at will, does not depend on the distance.

Disadvantages of recumbent cycling for pregnant women

There are advantages, of course, there are disadvantages. For mothers who are just getting started with recumbent cycling, here are some considerations:

- Leaning forward when pedaling a bicycle can strain your lower back.
- The high price of recumbent bicycles (therefore it must be accompanied by a commitment to long-term use).
- It is quite difficult to stop and go down if the frequency of urination is high enough during this pregnancy.

Make sure to wear sports clothes and a comfortable sitting position while pedaling a recumbent bicycle. I hope this information is helpful.